Lets Have Some Elemis Love

elemisPolitical blogger and Sunday Times journalist Sarah Carey contacted me recently to rhapsodise about a recent purchase. "I bought the Elemis Cactus Body Brush and think a whole new world has dawned for my legs" was what she posted on her own blog, and she said she just didn't think enough people were going to be converted, so her next port of call was us.

Well, we're always delira to hear about new and fabillis gadgetry and so of course, we investigated. Made from cactus bristle, regular use will help in the reduction of cellulite, detoxification and of course, achieving smooth, silky skin.

And testament to how good it is? "My previous efforts at exfoliation were ineffective. This thing is AMAZING. The top layer of skin just flies off. I think this could be a turning point", enthused Sarah.


I think I'm convinced!

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