This surprising skincare product sells every 2 minutes around the world

The skincare product in question is from a great brand, but one you may not have thought of as being this popular

Elemis is a much-loved skincare brand, but I never realised how popular this skincare product is. But it turns out that one jar of the Elemis Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules is sold every two minutes.

Rather than being capsules that you ingest (because that's what I thought initially), they're little 'purifying pods' containing Moringa Oil that you break open and apply twice a day. In fact, there's one pink pod specifically for the morning that contains medical-grade Rose Absolute, for hydration. The green pod is for night time. It contains Lavender Essential Oil, to balance the skin before sleep time.

elemis skincare product pods


It's an anti-ageing product first an foremost; the anti-oxidants improve the visible signs of ageing. But they also help fight against pollution, which is the concern du jour - and not one to be sniffed at! I had a chat with a skincare expert the other day who told me that products that fight against the effects of pollution are set to become on par with SPF as essential, every-one-needs-it skincare.

You can buy a jar yourself from for a not too pricey £66.

But if you're near a Body Shop or Lancome stockist and want to begin to tackle pollution on your visage, I wrote about two masks from the brands last year that will get you started.

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