5 new pairs of going out shoes that will give you life

What on this earth is better than shoes? Heath, wealth and happiness are all desirable too, don't get me wrong. But, shoes.

It's true, your shoes really do say a lot about you, and they are the easiest way to make a statement about your style. Height and weight don't factor as much into shoes as they do with clothes, and whether your feet are wide or not, or you can't wear heels for any reason, 2017 says there's something fancy for all.

The only shoes I'm supposed to be searching for right now are for my wedding, but I keep getting distracted by the simply fabulous offerings that have recently entered stores.

Would these absolute beauts from Zara go with a long white gown?

How about these mid-heeled pointed delights?


Backless loafers are where it's at this season. You might not want to try dancing in them, though...

In the mood for a mid-80s spring.

You just can't beat Zara for heels.


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