These are the revolutionary ways to avoid ponytail damage

Ponytail damage is every long-haired girl's pain in the butt. If you are a regular ponytail wearer than you most likely have already seen the damage.

Here's how you know if your hair has ponytail damage; you will have those annoying super short pieces of hair under your hair and in a halo around the front of your head. They are the hairs that can't be tamed. They have a mind of their own. I'm talking about the hairs that stand up by themselves all around the edges of your hair. These spiky hairs make it difficult to get JLo's sleek ponytail look down. Basically, you just have to live with them because they will not sit with the rest of your hair.

ponytail damage

Unfortunately, there is little you can do with the shorties. You have to wait for them to grow back. Use a decent hair treatment to prevent them from more damage and allow them to grow down. What you can do though is stop using the culprits and start using less damaging hair bobbins.

Safe hair bobbins

This is basically a scrunchie. Remember those from the '90s? Well they might look hideous and Carrie Bradshaw would not approve but they are kind to your hair. If you want to sleep with your hair tied back these are ideal.


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These are another genius invention that will hold your hair securely in place without damaging it. Again, they are not the most visually pleasing hair bobbin but it's practical and safe.


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For a sleek upstyle look, these silicone hair elastics are ideal. They hold your hair tight but they look neat and tidy. You could use one of these to hold your hair and it's slim enough that you could wrap a piece of your hair around the hair tie for a sleek finish.


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Do you notice damage from using hair ties?

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