5 Coconut Beauty Buys to Get you In the Holiday Mood

Did I fall asleep and wake up in the depths of winter? Seriously, the recent weather isn't exactly screaming summer time fun, is it? And while the temperature seems to have dipped, the level of rain certainly hasn't - leaving me (and many others) walking around in a sort of wet dog /soggy socks funk. But lets not dwell on the weather, instead I'm going to cheer myself up today by imagining I'm on a tropical island. And what do I think of when someone says tropical island? Coconuts, of course!

Sadly, it's not the done thing to walk around the streets of Dublin with a rum soaked Pina Colada in your hand which means in order to get my coconut fix I'll have to turn to my trusty beauty products to transport me to somewhere warm and sunny instead. There's something so holiday-ish about the smell of coconut isn't there? Maybe it's just me. Anyway, if you're not a coconut fan, look away now though because there's a whole lot of it coming your way... right about...now:

COCO Collage

The Body Shop Coconut Shimmer Body Butter: One of their best sellers and one of my long time favourites too, this gorgeous, rich cream is ideal if you're looking to thoroughly moisturise legs, arms etc but also want to give them a bit of a sheen. (€18.95)

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OGX Weightless Hydration Coconut Water Shampoo & Conditioner: I initially bought these in miniature form when I was heading off for a few days a little while back but I've since restocked with the full sized versions because I just really liked them. My hair was left shiny, tangle free and smelling delicious which isn't too shabby for the €9.49 price tag (I'm normally a Redken girl!)


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Balmi Coconut Lip Balm: In lieu of a tropical cocktail you can have the taste of coconut on your lips while also keeping them soft and nourished with a good lip balm. I like this one by Balmi because it also has added SPF 15 and UVA protection so it's useful as well as being yummy. (€6.79)

Burts Bees Coconut Foot Cream: Given the long hours I spend standing when I'm working on shoots, campaigns etc, I really should be nicer to my feet. They are good to me after all. In an effort to repay them for their sterling work I recently treated them to a little micro-pedi action and then slathered them in this lovely, thick, foot cream. (€16.99)

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Philosophy Coconut Frosting Shower Gel & Bubble Bath: Ok, so €19 might sound a bit pricey for a shower gel but this one if pretty big at 480ml and y'know what? It's a coconut lovers dream, complete with lots of bubbles and ability to leave your whole bathroom smelling like a million bounty bars.


Are you a coconut fan or is a big no no? Would you rather use pure coconut oil rather than any of the above? Let me know!

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