5 foolproof ways to give your hair the oomph it deserves

They say we always want what we can’t have and that is certainly true when it comes to our hair, isn’t it?

I have fine, resolutely straight locks and I’d love nothing more than long, thick, wavy hair. After a series of dodgy ‘dos through my teens and early twenties, myself and my hair have come to an understanding of sorts, in which I treat it nicely and it behaves (mostly).

One thing I cannot live with, though, is the idea of flatness. Anyone with fine/fly-away/straight hair will understand why. So rather than simply live with it, I’ve made it a bit of a life’s mission to find methods and products that can give my barnet a bit of oomph.

Coconut Water Shampoo Conditioner HairOGX Weightless Hydration Coconut Water Shampoo

Lightweight enough not to weigh down your hair but also hydrating enough to stop dastardly tangles from appearing. The conditioner is also light which means you can keep the ends of your hair soft and nourished. (€9.49)

Ojon Volume Advance Thickening Spray

This really does do what it says on the tin giving hair a feeling of bounce and fullness. It’s a little pricey at €28.50 (on feelunique.com) but a little goes a long way so I always feel I get my money's worth.


Hot/Cold Drying

A session stylist gave me this top tip years ago. If you really want hair to hold volume, you should dry it in sections using heat and then quickly switch to cold on your hair dryer so it can “set” before falling. The idea is similar to when you have curlers in, and you let them cool down while still in the curled shape. Now, I’m too lazy to be doing it in sections on a daily basis so I just turn my head upside down, blast the roots with heat and then blast it with cold which seems to work just as well.

hair 2 CollageL’Oreal Paris Studio line #TXT Volumising Spray


A great way to give your hair a bit of texture day to day and at €4.99 for 200ml, it doesn’t break the bank either. I personally love a lot of texture in my hair so use it pretty liberally, but you can also spray it on just the roots and shake it out for added movement.

Oribe Dry Texturising Spray


I couldn’t do a piece about hair without mentioning my favourite product… probably ever. It’s ridiculously over-priced at €23.50 for just 75ml, but it’s so good! I have a little can that I reserve for special occasions. I don’t know exactly what special ingredients are in it to make it so great, and I don’t care because it’s all about results and this puppy gives them in spades giving my hair more volume, texture, life, and it even makes my cut look better.

What are your top tips for bigger, better hair? Spill!

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