One's €9.99, the other's Chanel. Can you spot the difference?

Is there anything more glamorous than a beautiful red lipstick? Sure, we all have days when we reach for a liquid liner or wear a smoky eye. But the truth is a quick slick of a rich, ruby red lippy will always make you feel that little bit chicer.

Every season we see a new, “revamped” red lip on the runway, but no matter how the fashion world spins it, it’ll always be a timeless classic in my book. I’m talking Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Katherine Hepburn et al. And when I think of red lipstick, I think of Chanel, specifically the stunning Rouge Allure Passion lipstick (€34).


Passion is an absolute cult classic shade at this stage. It's vibrant without seeming garish and gives moisture to lips without wearing off within the first ten minutes. I love the little touches too, the embossed Chanel logo on the side of the bullet and the magnetised, click mechanism of the tube. It looks, and feels luxurious, no doubt about it.

But what if you don’t have €34 to spend on a lipstick? Well, there’s good news because I’ve found a dupe that is so close you’d never know that it cost a whopping €24.01 less.


Left: Chanel Rouge Allure Passion €34 // Right: L.O.V. Christina's Red Lip Affair €9.99

The lipstick in question is called Christina’s Red and comes from the Lip Affair collection by L.O.V. cosmetics. A relatively new brand to Ireland, L.O.V have impressed us here at Beaut immensely with their sophisticated style and purse friendly products.


The Lip Affair lipsticks cost just €9.99 and while this shade is a great dupe for Chanel’s Rouge Allure Passion, the similarities don’t end there. This too has the little touches, including an embossed logo and a black, magnetised lid and tube (so it won’t go flying around your handbag). In more good news, it also feels hydrating and lasts well to boot. Not too shabby, eh?



Are you a red lip devotee? Do you like the look of this dupe?

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