A bit of January cheer from Liz Earle

liz earle body

January's generally pretty crap, isn't it? The weather's freezing, the bank balances are dangerously low and there's not a lot to be doing other than staying in where it's warm. So it's very kind of Liz Earle to think of us in our January gloom and put a special offer on her range of lovely body washes. Cleansing gently and without any harsh detergents, the body washes leave the skin smooth and soft - the Orange Blossom Botanical body wash is already a favourite of mine.

Under this offer you can choose three body washes in any combination for just €32.25 and get free post and packaging on your whole order too! Energising Body Wash will get you going in the morning with its invigorating blend of essential oils, while the Orange Flower Botanical Body Wash softens and smooths dry Winter skin and there's also the men's Face and Body Wash, if you're feeling generous towards the man in your life.


All in all you'll be saving €10 and as this offer runs until February 15th, there's plenty of time to avail of it if you're counting your pennies until January payday.

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