Handy tanning tools to make the trickiest of beauty jobs that bit easier

At Beaut.ie we are always striving for the perfect tan application. These handy tanning tools make applying and removing fake tan a dream.

The quest for a perfect fake tan is never-ending. With so many formulas to try and so many brands, you could be forever trying out new bronzing methods. I'm all for diversity, so I chop and change tans a lot. There are some that are easy to apply like James Read Fool Proof Bronzing Mousse and some that I love the colour of (Cocoa Brown - it's just so perfectly brown). So I choose my tan depending on the mood I am in that particular Thursday. Everyone tans on Thursdays, right?

While I have an impressive array of tans I also have an impressive array of tanning tools that make the job easier. Tan is easy to get right if you know the tricks but it's also easy to make a complete and utter mess of. These are a few of my favourite tanning accessories which I always have on hand.

moxi-loves-tan-aid wipes

Moxi Loves Tan Aid Exfoliating False Tan Removal Wipes €4.95

These are handy to have when your tan is starting to come off and it's scaldy looking. Use them for a tough exfoliation on the bits like knuckles, elbows, knees and feet. They work on tan that has just been applied and they work on old tan. Unfortunately, there is pretty much nothing that moves the stuff the next morning. Sadly, if you're tangoed, you generally stay that way for a couple of days.

catwalk HQ self tan mitt

Catwalk HQ Self Tan Mitt €10.00


Using a mitt makes the job soooo much easier. I used to like to use my hands to work the tan into my skin but it's a risky move. 9 times out of 10 my hands ended up like the belonged to a child who had been playing in the mud. I am a fully converted mitt user now and it's all down to this one. The Catwalk HQ mitt is pure luxury. It feels like velvet against your skin and applies the tan so lightly and evenly. It feels beautifully soft against your skin - not like the standard, rough sponge-like tanning mitt.

cococa_brown tough stuff fake tan remover

Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff €4.99

Tough Stuff is a multi-tasker which I love. It's basically a body exfoliator so you can use it to prepare your skin before you tan and to help to remove it. It really makes such a difference to your tan if you exfoliate before you apply it.

I love the feel of this. The grains are tiny so it's painless and gives a seriously good polish. I find my tan lasts longer and doesn't come off as patchy when I scrub with this the day before application.

he shi boddy souffle tan extender

He-Shi Body Souffle Tan Extender €14.50


This is a body moisturiser designed to use on the days after fake tan application to help prolong your colour. It's got Aloe Vera and my favourite ingredient, Vitamin E, to keep your skin hydrated and glowing. You can use this as a regular daily body moisturiser. It smells gorgeous which won't change your skin but makes moisturising a pleasurable task. I always put it on my hands, feet and elbows immediately after applying tan. It sort of dilutes the tan and stops the dreaded knuckle tan disaster.

Have you got any fake tan tips we should know about? Let us know in the comments below and help us create an Oompa-Loomp free Ireland in 2018!

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