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I recently met with a lovely Scots guy called Allan McLaughlin. He's the owner and founder of a skincare company, PureLogicol, a range of products based around the use of collagen to give great results.

It all started when the then 18-year-old Allan couldn't find a product to cure his chronic acne problem, so he decided that if conventional products weren't going to do it for him, he'd make his own. In addition, he was also battling a childhood injury that was causing pain to one of his legs. Allan began to research ingredients that could possibly be used to address both issues, and collagen was what gave him that eureka moment.

There are lots of collagen-based products on the market, and there's a good reason for that. Our skins are partly made up of the substance, and it helps to provide that plump cushioning that's so attractive in younger skins. The difference with PureLogicol's range though, is that they use an extremely high-grade collagen, and that makes the products more effective.


As an comparison, it's a bit like the current hot n' heavy Vitamin A debate. Boots' Protect & Perfect uses retinol palmitate, a lower-performing version, while RoC's RetinOx uses retinol, a more active form. Retin-a, only available on prescription, has the strongest potency of the ingredient.

What's so nice about this line is that it's been created by someone who genuinely believes in it, and who has experienced the results first-hand. The sleekly-packaged range is now in Ireland and includes a body supplement - great for those with aching limbs, plus a face mask which you mix as you need it, which helps to keep all the active ingredients as potent as possible. There's also a lovely face serum, and a lip plump product available.

Prices start at €34.95 for the lip plump, and go up to €62.50 for the face masks, so it's effective, and affordable. And in another nice touch, they've set up an Irish website too - oh this we like to see! Visit www.purelogicol.ie to find out more about the company and to purchase the products.

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