Aldi Lacura Dry Skin and Anti Ageing Moisturising Body Lotion: Mega Bottle, Mini Price

Costing less than two quid (around €1.75 I think) for an absolutely enormous 500ml bottle there was no part of me, body or soul, that thought that buying this would be a bad idea.

The thing about the Aldi Lacura brand is that although the range is as cheap as they come, by and large the products work really really well.  Product snobs please stop turning up your noses at own brand - when it's good you're quids in!

So I had two mega bottles of body moisturiser in front of me.  How did I get on?


Well the one I thought I'd really love - the Anti Ageing version - didn't do it for me.  Despite smelling nice (pomegranate extract) and apparently containing B3, it was a bit thin in texture and really didn't warrant the effort of all that rubbing in.  I have dry skin though so if yours is normal and you like a light lotion it would be fine.


The Dry Skin version on the other hand is brillo.  Rich and thick, like your ideal man, it sinks in well and leaves your skin nicely moisturised.  Almond oil and other erm unspecified "hydrating ingredients" according to the label, plus Vitamin E, mean that this fella is actually a better anti ageing body lotion than the other one.  This is the one to go with if you're looking to firm up skin.

Altogether a great buy.  Pick some up the next time you're doing your shopping and unless you lash through the body lotion it should last for a very long time.

So what about you?  Like to save a bit of cash on your body lotion?

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