Aldi's Re-Gen Oil: Basically Bio Oil Dressed in Spangly Hot Pants. Review, Pics

So yes. This one seems rather self-explanatory. You really only need to look at the photos to see that those brazen scamps over at Aldi have manufactured and rebranded their own (almost identical version of) Bio Oil.

Bio Oil is a best selling product which claims to reduce the appearance of red scars and stretch marks ( i.e. fresh scars which still have a blood supply). It also claims to hydrate the skin.

Re-Gen oil basically makes the same claims, and is an affordable doppelgänger for Bio Oil. So what are the differences between the two?


Firstly Re-Gen oil is €4.99 for 125 mils to Bio Oil's €18.99 for the same quantity. Both products contain the same four essential oils - rosemary, lavender, chamomile and calendula. Both products also contain vitamin A for its regenerative properties and vitamin E for its powerful antioxidant properties.

Re-Gen oil contains more colouring and perfume than Bio Oil, but Bio Oil does contain plenty of both. Both products are essentially mostly mineral oil (which we just loathe - it's a useless filler ingredient) agents to give the formula the right amount of oiliness, and perfume.


Re-Gen oil also comes in a cream formula, which is essentially just a cream version of the oil, and just as unhelpful to the skin. If you are a devoted advocate of Bio Oil, by all means think about switching to Re-Gen. The difference between the two is negligible.

However, do keep in mind that neither of these products can possibly hydrate your skin. They are oils, and oils moisturise while water hydrates. There's nothing hydrating in either Bio Oil or Re-Gen Oil.


Also, vitamins A and E are present in pretty much all skincare, so these particular products are not doing more for your scars than anything else.

The only thing that will legitimately help red scars is a good vitamin A product and applying good quality oils which the skin can actually absorb (so NOT mineral oil!) to them at bed time.


Are you a Bio Oil devotee? And are stretch marks the bane of your life? Tell us in the comments. Newbies welcome!

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