MORE of Aldi's Specialbuy Beauty!

Aldi are knocking it out of the park with their Specialbuy range these days, what with the casual make-up line and new hero product, Lacura’s Anti-Ageing Hyaluronic Gel (read about that here) and now they've gone and released some items that are only perfect for the oul Christmas stocking.

These budget buys cost a mere €4.99 each and while we haven't tried them out just yet we said we'd go ahead and tell y'all about them anyway, since we know you Beauties are big fans of nice, low-budget products and these will sell out in, oh, about ten seconds flat.

First up we have the Lacura Beaded Nail Art Sets. These impressive looking little kits come in two varieties; Rainbow and Jewel and each set contains two nail polishes, the little beads and a funnel for application. The aim is to create a 3D effect with the beads, which you funnel on after painting your nails with the polish.

lacura bead nails

The bottles do have a hint of the Ciate about them. They are very cute and certainly look good, whether they deliver we can't say just yet, but going from the picture (and the price) we'd be willing to give them a try, especially the darker Jewel set which looks very tempting indeed. We like that the sets come with two different coloured polishes so you can experiment with multiple looks.

Next, the multi-coloured powder/blush. Again, the packaging is attractive and the idea behind it is convincing.


Lacura Compact

It comes in four shades - porcelain, natural, beige and honey - and is apparently 'micro-fine' so it should be light and soft on the skin.

Finally, Lacura have come up with a handy 5 piece cosmetic brush set. Arriving in a little carry case, the kit contains all the basic make-up tools - a powder brush, a blusher brush, an eye shadow brush, a slanted eye shadow brush and a lip brush.

Lacura Brushes

We think the tools look the biz; if someone told us they were €14.99 rather than €4.99 we'd believe them. Alas, we can't tell how effective they really are without trying them but they still might be a nice filler gift for someone starting out on their make-up journey. (They have to be better than the brush I picked up a Euro Store the other day when I left mine at home and desperately needed to powder up. Needless to say, that was a euro not well spent. To Aldi!)


These limited edition stocking fillers are available from November 20th.

Do you like the look of these new additions to the Specialbuy line? Will you be dropping them into your basket next time you do your Aldi shop? How about your previous wins / fails with Aldi beauty products? Do share in the comments!

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