All I Want For Christmas is Bliss (Blood Orange & White Pepper, That is)


I'd say now I'm not alone in wanting a bit o' Bliss for The Christmas, but it's a different kind of bliss I'm after - the sort you can buy in the siopa. The other stuff's a little harder to come by, unfortunately.

Delira so I am that spa-brand Bliss have launched a new line just in time for the festive season. With the fragrance chosen by fans of the brand, I had a sniff of the interestingly-named  Blood Orange and White Pepper products recently, and quite apart from something you'd shake over your dinner to season it, this stuff smells spicily citrussy - and very nice indeed.


The tempting trio consists of a body butter, €29, shower gel, €22, and sugar scrub, €39, and you'll pick them up at Harvey Nichols Dundrum, Brown Thomas Limerick and BT2 stores. And sure while you're there check out the Christmas gifts - they are FAB.

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