Amanda Seyfried's Perfect Christmas Face

Amanda Seyfried was one of a heap of famous faces at the ACRIA Holiday Dinner last night but she blew them all out of the icy cold water with her Look. No, she wasn't in head to toe glitz and funnily enough she wasn't plastered in make-up; it was actually her almost bare-faced make-up and swishy, no fuss hair that stole the show.

Now we're not kidding anyone here, it's extremely hard to make it look like you haven't made an effort (but we can show you how to do a wintry pared back look here! ) However, Amanda has that natural (or is it?) glow that says, 'I just flicked on some mascara and applied a lick of lip-gloss, sure why would I bother with anything else?' and we are loving it.

Sure, Christmas is the time for going all out with the glamour but if you really want to stand out, make like Amanda and go pretty-natural.

Amanda Christmas


Kim Kardashion West's stylist had sort-of the same idea, except her sole natural look calling card was nude lips . Otherwise, she looks totally 'done' and she  ironically pales in significance next to Amanda. Her hair looks amazing though, we'll give her that. We discussed her questionable choice of ensemble yesterday. Sigh.


Kim Khristmas

We much prefer Amanda's cute dress, black tights and black, high ankle boots over Kim's ill-fitting velvet/satin creation too.

Which look do you prefer? What make-up style will you be rocking around the Christmas tree this Christmas? Comment time!

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