Amy Huberman - Still Winning Twitter!

First the handsome husband working that cape, then the airport chic tweet - and now Amy's getting the chislers in on the act by borrowing some of their (oft times necessary) appendages.

The dress is exceptionally cute, but teaming it with a stripy turtle neck makes it similar to what I sent the child to creche in this morning. The make or break component for this ensemble is obviously the footwear. If she's wearing heels or high boots, that could change things. If she's sporting jelly sandals, Crocs, or Converse in any form, that's another matter entirely. 

She's a shoe designer! Amy - show us your shooooes!

As for Amy's thoughts on her namesake's impending visit to Dublin...she should totally pitch that idea to RTE. 


And, finally, here is Amy echoing most mother's thoughts.

So, do you happily romp around in your dungarees or do they make you feel like a giant toddler? Should they be donned by anyone over the age of say, five?

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