Product Of Yore Horror Revisited! Does Anyone Still Use Henna Powder?

Getting a box of Surya Henna Powder in the post was like getting a postcard from the past.

If postcards can be swamp green and evil smelling that is.


I was transported back to the nineties quicker that you can say "discontented youth whose parents were MEAN and never gave her any money for leggings, chalk white foundation (sans blushers) and of course hair colour."

(Probably because they didn't have any what with the economies of having two daughters in college and a third getting the most expensive dental treatment known to mankind.)



Henna was the cheapest option we had for colouring our hair and we were crazy for it.  A trip to the Indian Shops down the back of the Ilac on a Saturday meant you could spend an entire Sunday with your head in a turban, stinking of the foul concoction.  The bathroom looked like a bomb hit it, globs of green paste wrecked every towel in the house and if you were hardcore and slept with the stuff in your hair you could be sure your turban would unwind in the night - thus wrecking your pillowcase and possibly duvet too.

Oh happy days.

So Surya Henna Powder I will NOT be trying you.  Especially as you don't even colour.  That's right - you just condition.

What about anyone else?  Do you still use that favourite Product Of Yore Henna powder?

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