Autumn/Winter nail colours we are loving

It can be a tough decision deciding on a nail colour. In the grand scheme of things we realise it's minimal. But, when you are in the hot seat the pressure is on!

That's why we like to be prepared before we arrive! So then there is no panic when the array of colours are presented. Or you know, you could live your life on the edge and choose while you're sitting in the chair.

If you do want some autumn/winter nail inspo, look no further - we have everything you need.


You know the seasons are changing when you start to see the wine colours come out, and we are loving them at the moment. It gives some colour to your hands, which lets face are about to be one of the only parts of us on show for the next few months! Tying in with the autumn colours of the leaves on the trees, we love wine to get into the autumn/winter vibe.

Darkest wine

Somewhere between wine and black comes Oxblood. Scary but beautiful. A well-loved Autumn shade and we are slightly obsessed.

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Oxblood: sounds scary, looks great. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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If wine is too much for you or perhaps you have paler skin, mauve is a great colour to go for. It is an autumn/winter shade but for some it is a little softer than a wine or a red. It is a great colour for older skin too.


It's a scary commitment but the pay off is so worth it! Dark cherry is a stunning colour on just about all nails and will go well with all the layered and hats and scarves we'll be wearing.


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