How to prevent cracked cuticles this winter

Is there anything worse than a small cut on your cuticle! The sting is no joke! Okay, there is bigger problems in this world we know! But if there was a way to prevent cracked cuticles it’s definitely worth doing! Especially over the colder months!

The cuticles are a delicate area of skin at the bottom of the nail. It can get dry and crack easily. When your cuticles are dry the can crack and allow bacteria to enter the nail and cause an infection.

Here are some simple tips to keep those cuticles in tip top shape this winter-

Cuticle Oil

The holy grail of nail care. Using a cuticle oil is an investment in your nail care. Cuticle oil hydrates the area quickly and softens which prevents further drying and cracking. Apply liberally to your nail beds and massage in to your cuticles.

Coconut Oil

If you don’t have cuticle oil to hand another great alternative is coconut oil. Use it in the same way for a super hydrating result.


What can cause dry cuticles?

Some of the common causes of cuticle dryness are-

  • not moisturising your hands
  • washing hands too often
  • using hand sanitiser often
  • Over use of nail polish remover
  • cold weather
  • some medications
  • Nail biting or picking
  • Cuticle biting or picking
  • Skin conditions like eczema

Most cases of dry or cracked cuticles is not a concern, you might see your doctor if you think a skin condition like eczema is drying out your cuticles. They may be able to prescribe a medication to help.

Can dry cuticles be prevented?

The best way to prevent dry cuticles is to keep them hydrated, moisturise them often. Use a cuticle cream or oil daily after washing your hands. It is also a great idea to leave an oil in your car and on your bed side table, so when you see it, it will remind you to pop some on.


Another way to try to prevent dry cuticles is to avoid any products with harsh chemicals that can dry out your skin like-

  • harsh soaps
  • hand sanitisers
  • nail polish removers

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