AW10: Bobbi Brown Black Velvet

Bobbi Brown Black Velvet

A September launch, Black Velvet from Bobbi Brown will of course be available at usual suspects like Brown Thomas and House of Fraser, but a new store is taking in the brand this season ...

From mid-September, you'll be able to get Bobbi Brown in Arnotts too. Yup! The exact date is to be confirmed, but we'll let you know, naturally.

Right! That bit of excitement over with, lets take a look at the makeup, shall we?

bobbi brown black velvet


It's really all about eyes and lips and the play of dark colour, light-catching highlights and texture. Shadow comes in three options and is sultry and textural, so we've got three Metallic Eye Shadow in Black Berry, Black Cocoa and Black Charcoal. There are also two Sparkle Eye Shadows in Black and Black Velvet and two of the brand's nicely smooth matte Eye Shadows in Black Charcoal and Black Chocolate.

All shadows fit into Bobbi's custom palettes, so you can swap in and out at will - love that - and each costs €22.

Bobbi Brown

Lips are equally sultry, with a variety of lipstick and gloss options available; here are two of 'em. Left are two Lip Colour bullets in Black Maple and Black Raspberry, and beside them are two Creamy Lip Colour lipsticks in Black Mahogany and Black Cherry. The four cost €22.50 each.

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