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Any seasonal collection themed around lipstick is one that's guaranteed to get my attention STAT. Cheers to Clarins so - the forthcoming collection for Autumn is all about lips. Oh, there's a couple of cheek things in there too, but the focus is definitely on their brand new lipstick line, Rouge Prodige.

New packaging matches the bottle and cap of Everlasting Foundation (launched by the everlastingly gorgeous Claude, remember?) and the formulation is designed to be long-wearing, but moisturising and comfortable to wear. A big claim, because as we've mentioned before, long-wear formulas are designed to bind to the skin, and unless you're very oily, you probably find you don't get on with 16 hour foundations. Lipsticks that are designed to stay put for hours equally tend to dry the lips out, but Clarins is using a new polymer, High Fidelity Pearl, which is designed to give great colour with a lasting finish.

Here comes the science:

This new generation polymer is composed of transparent molecules, similar to multi-faceted pearls, which trap colour pigments. These pearl pigments adhere to the lip surface for a long time, without running, guaranteeing long-lasting colour and hold. Like a set of mirrors, the multi-facets reflect the colour of the pigments and amplify their radiance. From the first coat, colour is deep and radiant and lips are incredibly beautiful... and stay that way.

In addition, the shades are whipped up with ceramides, essential fatty acids and waxes for nourishment and comfort. Fancy a look at some of the bullets in the collection up close and personal?

clarins lipsticks

(shades shown are Rosy Coral, Sunset and Coral Tulip)

At €20 each, not all shades will be on-counter in Ireland  - we'll get 24 of 28 of 'em - but here's the rundown of what's launching:


Pinks to Plums

  • 101    Tender rose
  • 102  Paradise pink
  • 103    Miami pink
  • 104    Lilac pink
  • 105    Peach sorbet
  • 106    Subtle rose
  • 107    Tea rose
  • 108    Natural rose
  • 109    Rosewood
  • 110    Litchi
  • 111    Raspberry sorbet
  • 112    Pretty plum
  • 113    Mystic plum
  • 114    Blackberry

Corals to Reds

  • 115    Rosy coral
  • 116    Coral tulip
  • 117    Sunset
  • 118    Clementine
  • 119    Paprika
  • 120    Fusion red
  • 121    Red prodige

Beiges to Browns

  • 122    Nude
  • 123    Creamy toffee
  • 124    Praline
  • 125    Mochaccino
  • 126    Russet
  • 127    Redwood
  • 128    Copper brown
  • 129    Dark chocolate

And there's more, in the face of two cheek products.

clarins instant blush

Instant Blush in Rose Frais is €22, and is a glossy, gel-textured pink which you can apparently also use on the lips. Very interested to actually get one of these to stick my curious fingers into, I must say.


clarins blush

Palette Prodige Face and Blush Powder, €35, can be used all over to set makeup for a healthy glow, or on cheeks as a blusher.

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