AW10: Illamasqua Art of Darkness + Lip Look and Swatches with Disciple Lipstick

Illamasqua art of darkness

Above you can see the range shot for Illamasqua's forthcoming Art of Darkness collection (look for it from the 16th) and it's quite challenging, I think you'll agree. There are lots of wearable bits in the collection though, like some new liquid liners with sponge tips, great loose pigments, a gold body dust and those polishes. They mix up with new primary metallic Liquid Metal shades, and yes, yes indeed, that IS a navy lipstick you're looking at there.

A navy lipstick, well now, that's nothing but throwing down the gauntlet. And so ladies, post-cut, you can see said lipstick, named Disciple and costing €17, on my very own smackers.

Hi guys!


I like this about one billion times better than Revlon's granny-chic beige I also tried recently. In fact, I like this quite a lot.  It's very editorial, I know. I'm not about to go to work wearing it, but y'know, should the time and place be right, well yeah, I would.

You could also look at this bullet as a mixing medium - a way to darken up a red or pink to give it an edgier look, as opposed to wearing it solo, which obviously most people will not be doing. I may try to work a couple of looks that way but right now I got experimenting a little further and layered the new metallic berry gloss, Hermetic, €15, over the top. The brand's glosses are great actually  - thick and pigment-packed, this has a fab metallic finish that really works with this matte lipstick to lift and add interest.

illamasqua lipstick swatch

Very roughly applied to the centre of the lips and patted out, there's a close-up below:

illmasqua lipstick swatch


Whaddya think? An emo too far or good goth, it's quite nice?

(psst: just noticed my foundation appears to have oxidised and my face is a different colour to my neck. The shame!)

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