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We've been eagerly previewing the Autumn/Winter launches for the last while, and indeed there's been lots of soon-to-hit counters loveliness to salivate over. However, every season throws up a couple of unlikely looks - here are two that I suspect none of us will be will be rushing out to try this season...

Seriously morning-after eyes

You can keep your smoky eyeshadow and your sexy smudged eyeliner. Artfully applied, intentionally messy-looking eyes with a graphic edge are where it's at this season if the catwalks are to be believed. It was stippled black eye make-up a go go on the Chanel A/W Ready To Wear runway, where Peter Philip's intention was apparently to mimic the smudged print effect featured on shoes and bags in the collection.

Bet he didn't count on giving me flashbacks to leopard print versions of those press-on eyeshadow strip yokes.

At Jean Paul Gaultier and Zac Posen, it appeared that the make-up artists on duty had taken a fit of sneezing half-way through doing the model's eyes, with smudged horizontal striped lines of eyeliner radiating out across the crease of the upper lid (and putting in an appearance beneath the eye, too.)


Runway to reality: Don't cleanse your eye make-up after a heavy night out and you'll be pretty much all set for the following evening, simply add some random stripes or spots. Could hardly be easier!

Ombre hair

For Spring/Summer, the magazines were full of talk about letting your roots grow out a centimetre or thereabouts for a two-tone effect. Everyone was at it, sure: Alexa and SJP and... well, everyone.

While it was a look that I didn't really see happening much in real life - and did anybody else wonder if the celebs who were sporting it were just en route to the salon for a touch-up? - it's going a step further for Autumn/Winter. Ombre hair, where mid-lengths to ends are much lighter than the top couple of inches, is supposedly The Next Big Thing where colour is concerned. Good news if a lack of cash has had you stretching the gap between your highlighting visits, but I can't imagine that hairdressers are best pleased about this one.

Still, Ashlee Simpson is a fan, so the ombre hair trend is sure to catch on in a big way ... right?


Runway to reality: Cancel the highlights for the next couple of months and book yourself a mini-break with the savings. Just send your colourist a postcard to let them know you're thinking of them.

Pix via and MTV

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