AW10: Nars Holiday Collection 2010 - Sneak Peek

nars holiday 2010

I went to the launch of Nars' forthcoming holiday collection - which launches in November - yesterday. I'd seen the collection images already but in the flesh (or should that be powder?) this is really nice and very seasonally-appropriate.

nars okinawa

This (rubbish pic!) is Okinawa, and it's the brand's first trio. Mark Rothko is the inspiration, it's limited-edition and it's going to cost €42.

nars okinawa eye look

It was used at the launch for a smokey-eye look, created by a Nars makeup artist. You can see the delights above. Unfortunately my camera decided to act up and you can't get a good sense of how he used the shades - he'd used the pale colour as a highlight over the ball of the eye and it looked really pretty.

nars lipsticks and glosses


There's loads more where that came from, including - SCREAM - two brown lipsticks. My dismay, I could not hide it. I HATE brown lipstick. Happily though, these two are nice. On the left there is Petit Monstre lipstick which is a berried brown and beside it is Little Darling, which is really sheer. Both are €25. Glosses are lovely - there's Downtown, left, and Bougainville, right. They're €25 also.

nars nail polishes

Check out these two Lady GaGa-inspired polishes: we've got Pokerface and Bad Influence and they're €18 each.

nars holiday

And there's even more - Melusine, €34, (history fans will go nuts for this one) is the duo to your left and believe me, that minky shade on the left is beee-yooou-tiful. It's creamy and shimmery and is complimented by a matte aubergine. Next up is Etrusque, €24. An old gold metallic shadow, it is also suitably gorgeous.  Last up is a new blush, Sex Appeal. Ah Francois, you and your blusher names, wha? Sex Appeal is a sheer, non-sparkly peach and it'll cost €29. Very tempted by that I must say.

nars holiday


These are the two I got to take home, Etrusque shadow and Bougainville gloss. I actually really like Nars' glosses in general but am not sure if this is going to suit. And as for whether Etrusque'll be a fit for my complexion, I don't think I care. I'd bathe in it. Creamy, deeply pigmented, shimmery, gorgeous, gold - it's probably the most perfect party-season shadow 4evah.

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