AW10: YSL Rock and Baroque Nails it With Manucure Couture

Ysl AW10

While YSL have tipped the nod to the rest of the cosmetic spectrum with things like a very pretty new iteration of their amazing Rouge Volupte lipsticks, Rouge Volupte Perle, there's really no sense in pretending that their Autumn/Winter collection, Rock and Baroque, is about anything other than nails. Right?'s know that lacquer lust could hardly be any more scorching at the moment and YSL ain't following with their take on it either. Re-interpreting an older trend - the reverse French - they may be, but they've managed to make their limited-edition Manucure Couture look so fresh. Sold as a 'twin set' pack of two 6ml polishes, above you can see the shots of the looks that are achievable with each duo. In total there are four, and €35 will be the damage for each one. Your shade choices are:

  • N°1 Belle de Jour (turqoise/violet)
  • N°2 Rive Gauche (fuchsia/orange)
  • N°3 Belle de Nuit (gold/deep purple)
  • N°4 Y-Cone (white/pale pink)

Fancy a gander at the actual makeup in the line? It's after the cut.


YSL aw10

From left we have Blush Variation in Ventian Rose, €40, one of two Ombres Duolumieres in No 29  Purple Amethyst / Tawny Brown, €40, and beside it is one of six new Rouge Volupte Perles in 102 Coral Sun. These are €31 and contain shimmer and pearl for a new take on the creme satin of the regular Rouge Volupte lipsticks.

Can't wait, won't wait? Rock and Baroque will debut at Brown Thomas on July 24th, going nationwide from 21st August, and there are some more lovely nail pics below too:

Ysl aw10


YSL nail couture

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