Baby Wipes: Beauty Hero or Absolute Zero?

Baby wipes. The clue is in the name. But while we all know what they're technically meant to be used for that hasn't stopped us from hi-jacking said wipes for our beauty regimes.

As a make-up artist wipes are a staple in my kit bag, I use them to clean everything from counter tops, product packaging, the back of my hand and then also to wipe off excess lipstick/foundation from brushes before sanitising them. (See exhibit A below!)

Baby wipes Collage

When it comes to baby wipes being used on faces to remove make-up or as a cleanser, I'm not a fan, although I do use them to correct a wonky lip line or to sharpen the arch of a brow or tail of a cats eye flick. To do this I drape the baby wipe over a cotton bud (so it sort of looks like a little ghost) and then pinch the stem of the bud, adjusting the wipe so there's a clean surface after each bit I've fixed to avoid smudging. This give you control & precision but also means you don't have to waste lots of cotton buds.

Baby Wipes  Collage


Now, as we know with most things in life, not all baby wipes are created equal, especially when it comes to using them for beauty. Having tried enough to make Goldilocks looks decisive, here are my findings: some are overly scented (Huggies I'm looking at you), others are too oily for my taste (Johnsons), some will leak everywhere if you travel with them unless they are left perfectly still at all times (thanks for that, Waterwipes!) and then some are just plain weak so they rip really easily (Pampers).

So which ones made the grade? After much trial and error I have settled on the Tesco Loves Baby Ultra Soft Unfragranced which are just €1. I've bought so many at this stage the guys at the till must think I have the world's most explosive baby...

Are you a fan of baby wipes too? Do they play a big part in your beauty regime or is it just me?

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