Bags of Makeup

What do you keep your slap in when you go out? One of many ratty Clinique Bonus Time bags, something you got free with a magazine, or do you just throw it in the bottom of your handbag? Or do you have a fancy bag for it? If not, why not - there are so many lovely ones out there!

benefit bagPout have gorgeous bags, pricey, (in and around €30 plus) but you'll get tons of compliments. Benefit also have fab makeup bags - in particular the Misfit like Me clutch (left) which you could take out all on its own, it's that nice. You can get these in Boots and other Benefit stockists but again, you'll pay for style. Think €30 plus as well.

cath kidston glasses caseThis seasons bags are mostly clutches, so there's not much room for a large makeup bag. Aaiee! What to do? What about a Kath Kidston glasses case? OK so it's not specifically meant for makeup, but it'll do the job perfectly and it'll fit into a small bag.


Marks and Spencer can always be relied on for a decent selection of makeup bags in all shapes and sizes, as can Penney's. Debenhams have some really nice bags on their website as well - my eye is caught by this one in particular.

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