Bare Minerals Prime Time Foundation Primer: Great for Rosacea, Not So Good for Oily Skins

This triple action BB primer cream from bare Minerals claims to be an all in one tinted formula that can diminish the look of discoluration, provide an SPF 30 sun protection and prime skin for a flawless foundation application.

That's the kind of work ethic I like in a beauty product. Again, like the cream eyeshadow that I reviewed earlier this week, I found I actually quite liked this product - it won't work for everyone but if you like a quick, natural look, this could be right up your street.

This primer worked a treat on the normal areas of my skin but if you are oilier like me, watch out for this guy on the nose area. See, silicone based products have a tendency to move about on oily areas which unsettles the foundation (in a physical way, not like your foundation has, you know, feelings). So I would only advise this product if you don’t get too shiny - without the correct mattifying products, I look like someone did x’s and o’s on my t zone.



What I loved about this little guy was the fact that it took down the redness in my skin almost straight away without looking like I had applied any product. And that's something I had never really seen before - which is great considering I could sell you back an entire pharmacy with whats in my makeup chest.


This will be a fab base product for those suffering with Irelands greatest weather  problem in women…the dreaded rosacea. This redness in the skin is the bane of us Irish ladies who live in fear of looking like Aunt Sally gone mad with the blusher. But this product for normal/dry skin will help that.

It also fills in those unsightly open pores so its a great alternative to the tinted moisturiser that melts off your skin in minutes on holidays. It will even out the skin whilst providing SPF 30, so ideal for you lucky ducks planning on sipping cocktails by the pool. And while we are on holiday makeup, no one wants to see orange makeup at the pool - something like this will be do a better job and at least you can then at least try and pull off the whole Whooosh?I woke up like this' face.

prime time light

The colours available are fair, light, medium and tan. I would normally have alot of redness especially after the shower and this took it right down. And this makes me think, could this be the answer for self conscience men about redness in their skin?

It will also be a good one for those winter mornings when you're just not bothered making the effort for people in the dark but need to protect your skin. Dont forget our Winter can be just as harmful on the skin as the sun's rays. I think its also great for people who already have the bare Minerals foundation as I think that there is something missing when I wear that foundation worn alone. But I think that they've hit the nail on the head with this one.


This little fella is available for €27 from all leading department stores, Boots and selected salons and spas.

Have you tried bare Minerals Prime Time BB Primer Cream Daily Defense? Would you be tempted to give it a go to blur imperfections or calm rosacea? What are your holy grail rosacea products?

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