Beaut.ienomics: Budget Brush Cleaning

So, we all know makeup brushes should be cleaned regularly, as they’re a breeding ground for bacteria and other gross things but ‘some people’ (ahem) may not clean them as often as they should. But we should - we spend all this time and money researching and investing in good brushes and then we leave to grow entire bacteria cities.

Yes, we know it can be such a hassle to actually get around to cleaning them so anything that makes the job a little less annoying must be a good thing.


Enter the brush-cleaning glove! Made of silicone, these textured mitten things work cleanser (or baby shampoo) into the brush bristles, making it a lot easier and faster to clean away makeup, dirt and oils.

You can pick up the Sigma Beauty 2 X Spa Brush Cleaning glove from Cloud10Beauty. It’s usually €39 (currently it’s€33.15) and has different raised silicone textures across its surface.

However, if that seems a bit much to spend on a bumpy rubber glove, may we direct you to IKEA for a ridiculously affordable super-dupe (as recommended to us by a makeup artist).



Head to the kitchen department, yes really, and pick up a Stinn oven glove. This rubbery mitten is a mere €4 and does the very same job as the Sigma glove. Win!

And if you'd like to see more budget beauty tips, we've got a whole section on them right here!

Have you tried a brush-cleansing glove before? How did you get on? And, be honest, how often do you clean your makeup brushes?

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