Beaut.ienomics: New Aldi Haircare Range is the SPIT of Aussie. We Play Spot the Difference

Irish people are only gas. We'll happily spend €20 on petrol to drive to a sale where we'll save €5  on a €50 top we didn't need and couldn't afford in the first place. We all engage in it; it's a proud Irish tradition, and far be it from me to question it.

However, when a genuine bargain comes along, we can all rejoice in our savings. Aldi is always great for a bargain, and provided you don't mind yet another shameless knock-off project in their range of products that are suspiciously similar to other products, a bargain you shall have. We're naming no names. Ahem...

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Aldi's Carino Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner range is the living spit of a particular Australian haircare range that we all love.The packaging is, frankly, brazenly similar, but the product inside is a steal at just €2.49 a bottle!

We thought we'd road test these for you to see whether you can get expensive hair on the cheap. Here's what we found.

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  • Carino Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner

I parcelled this off to my mother for testing as soon as I received it. With frizzy hair that she refers to unaffectionately, and with no irony, as 'the fuzz bush', I figured she'd be the best tester for this. These products contain macadamia nut oil and claimed to be designed for dry and damaged hair.


Mammy declares that the shampoo lathered well and left her hair feeling clean, while the conditioner made her hair noticeably softer and left no residue. Sounds good! There's just one drawback, and it may be a drawback for some of our more olfactory beaut.ies. It smells... kind of unpleasant. Like purple Calpol, but in your hair.

Purple Calpol smells wonderful, but I don't really want my hair to have a bang o' Calpol...

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  • Carino Mighty Shampoo and Conditioner

This fellow, I tested myself. The Mighty range is marketed for everyday use and claims to add vibrancy and shine to dull hair.

It lathered nicely and rinsed well, while the conditioner was a touch wanting in the moisture department. Lets just say that it wasn't quite up to the standard of the famous brand it may or may not be trying to emulate.

Again, Calpol. If you can get over the aroma, or are addicted to Calpol, then this may just be for you! Oily, non-colour treated hair would get on quite happily with it.


To Aldi!

Have you tried this range of haircare products, or are you a fancy haircare person at heart? Also, does your hair smell like purple Calpol? Please tell us that it does in the comments.

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