Beaut.ienomics Tool Tips: Brilliant Budget Brushes from ELF, Body Shop and Real Techniques

Last week we brought you our save-up-all-your-pennies must have make-up brushes that we'd be absolutely lost without. But this week, we're sharing our top picks of budget buy brushes because sometimes the credit card makes screaming noises when you take it out of your bag, and sometimes budget buys are just damn good products.

We're always going to stress the importance of a good set of make-up tools; it's one thing having the best products in your make-up bag but it's the brushes with which you apply it that really give you that professional edge. Without further ado, behold, our must have budget brushes...

ELF contour brush £3.95 ELF contour brush £3.95 (via

You could probably put together the money for this eye contouring brush from ELF from the change in your pockets and squished down the sides of your couch. A super worthy investment as the shape of this brush will give you an incredibly professional look, ensuring no rough edges around the socket of your eye.

ELF Angled Blush Brush £3.95 (via ELF Angled Blush Brush £3.95 (via

This angled blush brush can really be used for overall facial contouring; not just your blusher. Use it for highlighting your cheekbones, blending your bronzer, and adding some rosiness to the apples of your cheeks. A necessary addition to any make-up bag.


Real Techniques Fine Liner Brush €4.55 Real Techniques Fine Liner Brush €4.55

This is our absolute favourite style of brush when it comes to the perfect liquid liner cat flick. With a super fine brush, you remain in control and create whichever shape you want, whether you keep it thin and low key or go thick and feline for a night on the tiles. At such a low price, we'll probably bulk a few as we use it almost daily!

Real Techniques Duo Fiber Collection €15.16 Real Techniques Duo Fiber Collection €15.16

These duo fiber brushes are fantastic. They work with cream or powder products to give you an incredibly professional and flawless finish, whether contouring your cheekbones or applying your base layer. And with duo fiber brushes, you can create buildable colour with very lightweight application.

The Body Shop Foundation Brush €19.95 The Body Shop Foundation Brush €19.95

Though not in the same cheap-as-chips end of the market, this super soft and synthetic-hair brush is one of the best foundation brushes on the market. And it won't set you back close for forty or fifty quid. I've been using this one for longer than I care to remember, which goes to show that if you look after it, it won't fall apart on you. And you won't have to spend ages applying your foundation; it really does give you a flawless finish with relative ease.

(Main image - ELF 11 piece brush collection, £38.50, via


Any favourites to add below? We'd love to hear your beaut.ienomical suggestions!

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