Beauty buzz 2016 is all about cushion foundations

Do you remember when Alphabet Creams (BB/CC etc) first arrived on the market and everyone was a little dubious about them? At the time we were all told; not to worry, they're big in Korea! And look where we are now - I'd say every woman in Ireland either has one or has at least tried one at some point. Well, the

Well, the trend setters behind the K-Beauty phenomenon have done it again, but this time, the beauty innovation comes in the form of the cushion foundation.

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The idea behind the cushion foundations is that you can have a liquid foundation but in a travel friendly, compact form, delivering the ability to create a fresh faced, sheer, veil of colour (similar to that of a tinted moisturiser or BB Cream) or build it up to medium coverage as you wish.

Sounds a little less gimmicky now right?

How this works is that the cushion (which is actually a sponge) inside the compact is saturated with product, but the compact creates an air tight seal so that it doesn't dry out. You can apply it using your fingers, a brush or another sponge depending on which you prefer. I tend to find fingers works well but a brush can be good for patting on more product to build it up.


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Eagle-eyed beauty fans will probably have already spotted/tried the Lancome Miracle Cushion which launched a few seasons back. At the time though, it was sort of alone in the market and being €38 is more of luxury purchase. In terms of performance, this one delivers on all counts; it leaves skin feeling fresh, looking dewy and you can work with the product to go from sheer to medium coverage (check out our previous review here).

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For those who are looking for an alternative to the Lancome, Isa Dora have launched their own version which is available in 6 shades and KIKO have the CC Cream Cushion System available in 12 shades - which incidentally are currently on offer for just €11.10 (reduced from €15.90) via their official website.

Do they sound like something you'd try or have you already? Thoughts please!

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