Beauty Looks of the Week #welcometospring

Even though it's officially spring, it's still that weird time of the year when you're just not sure what to wear. It's still so cold. We want to wear our big fat winter coats, but, look! There's a bunch of lovely daffodils.

Anyway, Jennifer Lopez clearly wants to leave the cold days behind her; those pink lips, that light golden eye, that typical JLo glow, and lest we forget, the swishy hair. Her pastel blue dress is also bang on spring. Oh, and she's just brought sparkly arms back.


Margot Robbie does sexy cheerleader; there's some Quinn Fabray hair right there. Her eye look is something not seen that much anymore, the liner is a little harsher than what's fashionable these days, but it works; it matches the long lines of her plunging top. That nude lip is just the right shade; every time I've attempted a nude hue my lips disappear into my face and I end up looking like the girl on the Silent Hill poster.



Now. Kendall has probably spent all day on the makeup chair but it looks like she just got up from a nice nap, took her hair down from a wet bun, scribbled on some lipstick and went on her merry way.


Who gets your Beauty Look of the Week?

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