Beauty Trend Alert: Would you match your jewelry to your nails?

Nail trends come and go (and I, for one, hope that the different coloured ring finger trend goes away soon) but has matching your hands to your jewels been a thing yet? I don't think so. And I like it.

Actress Allison Janney - you might know her from Juno, and Mom, the TV show with Anna Faris - has reunited with her Juno co-star Ellen Page for a new film, and I spotted her at the premiere with a very big ring and very bright nails.

Allison Janney Getty

I love black dresses and bright accessories - it's a look that always works - and this new take on matching is just delightful.


Chunky jewellery is back in style (and even if it wasn't, you can always pick up a stone like that in a tourist shop in Spain or Dingle) and go into any Penneys or Boots and you'll find a nail shade to match it.

So, what do you think of the emerging trend? Is it one you might be on board with?

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