Beery Good: Try a Boozy Rinse for Healthy Hair

beerI think my favourite thing about writing for this blog is the puns I get to make for the story titles! Anyway, on to the serious matter at hand. Is using beer actually any good for your hair? And doesn't it make it absolutely reek?

My intensive research methods have thrown up a few interesting facts. You don't have to use the beer to actually wash your hair, rather you can use it as rinse after shampooing. But what are the benefits? Well, the proteins from the malt and hops found in beer coat, rebuild and repair damaged hair and rinsing your hair with beer will give your hair a lovely shine.  Plus beer's natural ingredients enhance the shine effect.

Beer can also be used to add body and bounce to limp hair - The vitamin B and natural sugars add body and shine, while acting as a natural setting lotion that increases resilience, vitality, and hold. You can use it as a styling spray as well - dispense some flat beer into an atomizer, and use on dry hair before styling.

To use beer as a rinse, mix 1 part flat beer (apparently cheaper brands are good to use) with 3 parts warm water, and pour over your hair. Don't rinse it off!


If you're a bit of a princess and beer is too common for you, then why not try a Champagne rinse? Champagne gives definition to blonde hair and will bring out your highlights. Use the same method for this rinse as for the beer rinse - 1 part flat booze to 3 parts warm water. No rinse!

On to the...aroma. Yes, it does smell. As the hair dries it will become a lot less pungent but it's not necessarily something you're going to be delighted to smell of. And it might cause all sorts of problems in the office, with people arranging interventions for you etc.

So as an alternative, you could try a Chamomile rinse. Make a cup of Chamomile tea, allow it to steep for a while, remove the bag and allow it to cool to lukewarm. Pour it over your hair as a final rinse after shampooing. This is good for all hair types but especially for blondes - it'll bring out your highlights.

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