Benefit have updated their famous Hoola bronzer and pale girls will be so happy

Benefit's Hoola bronzer is one of those cult products that everyone owns. But while everyone might own one, it, sadly, may not actually suit us all.

It's very hard to match a bronzer with typically Irish fair skin. While the original Hoola bronzer is brilliant for adding a healthy sunkissed glow, go even just a tiny bit too heavy, and you've got a zebra face situation going on. That's why this newest incarnation is going to make fair ladies very pleased indeed... Introducing, Hoola Lite (€34).

hoola bronzer lite

I had a quick go of this last month when the first sample started to appear, and as an original Hoola fan but one who's trying to embrace the pale this year, I am exceedingly delighted with this. It is just right for adding a little bit of dimension to my usual Double Wear-ed ghost face.

For subtle faux glow, Benefit recommends blending their much-loved Dew the Hoola liquid bronzer all over your face. Then, use the new Hoola Quickie Contour Stick to sculpt those cheekbones in a jif and finish with a few sweeps of Hoola Lite.

  • Hoola Quickie Contour Stick (€30)

hoola bronzer quickie contour stick

Also expanding is the Dandelion range. Joining its blushing big sister is Dandelion Twinkle Superfine Highlighting Powder which promises a sheer, light texture to be worn over blush or powder.

All three new products hit Irish stores this Saturday.

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