#BenefitBrowClinic: Is this new product the answer to brow regrowth?

If you’ve got a brow dilemma, then who ya gonna call? Brow Clinic, that’s who. We’ll be here every Thursday to answer your most-asked questions and get those brows on their best behaviour.

The beauty world is currently buzzing with the news that Benefit is set to release its biggest ever launch on June 24th. And the brow collection that’s on its way is a juggernaut of joy to those who are into groomed brows. You can catch up on all the deets of 13-product strong launch here and see exactly why you’ll want to set your alarms bright and early on June 24th to get first in line.

And we caught up with Lisa Potter-Dixon, Head Make Up Artist & Brow Expert for Benefit Cosmetics, at the Las Vegas launch of the new collection to put five of your top brow dilemmas to her and to get some seriously expert advice.

This week, Lisa is talking how to encourage brow regrowth. Check it out in our exclusive video below (and check out last week's video on fixing those overplucked brows, how to fill them in and get the appearance of thicker, fuller brows).


If you have any other eyebrow dilemmas, we'd love to hear them.

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