Get Fecked Sweaty Betty: Four Best Deodorants To Beat The Heat

We know we're TOTALLY deodorantly obsessed at  As soon as a new brand or version hits the shelves we're down to Tesco quicker than you can say Alakazam and snatching it up to give it a good old run for its money.

Most deodorants are shit though.  Sorry to be so blunt, but I must speaketh the truth.  If they're not ruining your clothes with thick white layers of noxious smelling talcy residue, they're causing you heart palpitations at the thought that you might develop an attractive sweaty armpit stain during an interview/date/walk to the bus.

So which are the ones that actually work?  Here's four of the best.


A contentious inclusion, because for years and years it was generally agreed that the stick Michum was the absolute shizz and nothing could beat it.  But they changed the formula and now we find ourselves not liking its ways as much any more. (Read Buh Buy Mitchum hello Sure Maximum Protection). Some people still swear by it though, so it could be one worth checking out if you're paranoid about your pits.


So seriously heavy duty that it shouldn't really be making it onto this list at all, because it's not a "normal" anti perspirant -in fact its so difficult (and sore) to use that most of us couldn't hack it.  BUT if you can, you'll never sweat again.  Read Glass Rinsed in Arsenic for a full review

Garnier 48 Hour Mineral Deodorant
The absolute business.  If your armpits usually gush like a leaky faucet they won't when you use this.  There's a whole suite of deodorants in the range and they all look practically the same, so make sure you pick up a 48 Hour version for ultimate de-gushing power.

Sure Maximum Protection
Hands down the best deodorant out there at the moment.  Apply this stick formula at night after your shower and you won't sweat at all for up to 48 hours.  Although the Strong Woman advertising of this product is a bit scary and is so many shades of Shirley from EastEnders, we're totally on board with that.  Brilliant stuff.

What are you rating to keep you smelling like a delicate summer flower at the moment?  And do you prefer stick or spray?  Share!

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