The best hairstyles you need to try for your holidays

Going on holidays can be a great opportunity to play around with some clothing styles and some hairstyles.

Trying something new with your style can feel empowering. Everything looks and feels better with a tan as well, so it's a time when you are most likely feeling your best too.

For practical reasons, it's great to have some simple but trendy hairstyles that are quick and easy for you to do while you’re away.


Here are some of our favourites:


If you can master them or are at least going on holidays with somebody who can, braids are the easiest holiday hairstyle. They are stylish, quick and easy. You could do one, two, one braid into a pony tail. There is an endless amount of ways you can use a braid to really look stylish. Get creative.



If you can perfect an easy up style you will never look back. A messy bun with some clips or some ribbon can look really stylish.


Another hairstyle that when you get the hang of it, is so easy. A fishtail does take some practice but it has the ability to give any hair style that wow factor and is an incredibly easy, minimal effort holiday hairstyle.




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