Best in Awards 2014: We Are Supah Dupah Excited For the Beauty Event of the Summer Tonight!

Today our offices are a haze of hair spray, perfume spritzes and possibly a little bit of fizz from the champagne bottle.

For this evening, amidst great fanfare, trumpeters, Kimye working behind the bar and the Artane Band playing a medley of hits (ok, I might have made certain elements of that up), we will be announcing the winners of our Best in Beautie Awards 2014.


awards final


We are looking forward to hearing the winners, meeting some of our beaut.ies and raising a glass or two in celebration.

You can follow all the action on Twitter from 5pm using the hashtag #beautieawards2014. Let us know what YOU think of the winners as they are announced and if your favourites picked up an award. And we promise to be back with a full report on the night and all the winners and runners up over the next week.

To the comments tweets!

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