Blast From The Past: L'Oreal Paris Nutrisummer, My First Gradual Tanner

Following on from yesterday's chat about cosmetics past their POA, I have a little confession to make.

Unless we're talking about moist eye make-up products like mascara or skincare with super potent active ingredients, I'm one of the sniff it 'n' see brigade.

So when I happened across an old neglected tube of L'Oréal Paris Nutrisummer gradual tan, €9.99, during a bathroom tidy up recently, I did what any responsible (ehem) would do. I squirted a bit out to make sure it hadn't seperated or changed colour or consistency or gone wicked stinky or anything... and then I slathered myself in the stuff.


Never let it be said that I don't live dangerously.

Happily, my reckless behaviour was rewarded with exactly the kind of results Nutrisummer gave me when it was my branty new for my first tentative foray into gradual tanning: an even, golden brown tan that developed in mere hours and was noticeable from first application. It doesn't stink and wears off evenly, and I can't for the life of me remember why I stopped using it.

Think I'll invest in a new tube. When this one runs out, like...

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