Blistex Lip Relief really is the best thing for winter

Blistex Lip Relief is our ultimate winter essential.

Chapped lips aren't fun. We all know that. But as winter is well and truly here, they are unfortunately, inevitable. It all starts from the moment that slight tightness starts to creep in. Before you know it, things have escalated and your regular balm isn't doing squat to help. The horrible sandpaper feeling of properly chapped lips, complete with the pain of cracks has set in. And it's sore.

Blistex Lip Relief

Lip balm is always our friend, but sometimes you need something, more. More nourishing, more reparative, more... more! Which is where Blistex Lip Relief comes in. The €3.99 treatment is an absolute god send for dry lips, but can also work miracles on properly chapped, distressed lips too. Not only that, but it works well as an over night treatment to prevent dryness and, on a more cosmetic level can double up as a lip primer too (just blot off excess before applying colour).


The tube is teeny, but what's inside is mighty. Winter - we're ready for you!

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