Bourjois Volume Glamour Push-Up Mascara: Surprising Disappointment

I have to caveat every mascara post I write these days by saying that I recently went for an LVL Lash Lift. It has made my naturally droopy lashes stand to attention, so that when I look up, they touch the area of skin under my eyebrows. It's actually a brilliant way of testing mascara.bourjoismascara2

Oil is the best makeup remover, and unlike the rest of the skin around the eye, that area (on the brow bone) does actually contain sebaceous glands which emit your skin's natural oils. Unless your mascara is hardy, each time your lashes rub against the skin (when you blink), it will erode the formula and your mascara will either smudge or streak.


Unfortunately, that's the case with this new mascara from Bourjois. Again, it may be that the lash lift is making the mascara transfer effect worse, but I don't think a mascara should transfer at all.

It's such a pity too, because everything else about this mascara is just right. The big, bristled brush is just lovely, the formula is wonderfully black, and the effect it gives is one of the best I've seen. But I've worn it three times and each time I've caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror after a couple of hours only to see little vertical black stripes on my brow bone where the mascara has transferred.



Pretty disappointing, I'm afraid. Particularly since Bourjois mascaras are generally great and this one gives such a brilliant effect!

This is available from October at €11.99.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you have any surprisingly disappointing products to report - something you had high hopes for that just didn't meet your expectations? Share them (and save us all some moolah!) in the comments!

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