Break out the SPF 50 - It's Gonna be HOT Next Week!

It has resembled thick 'grey soup' outside for the last few days, but here's something to brighten your outlook on this slightly soggy start to the weekend; Met Eireann are predicting temperatures ranging from the mid to high 20s next week. C'MON, JULY, LET'S BE HAVING YA!

Seemingly tropical air will push up from the continent, where temperatures are expected to reach the 40s: "‘It looks like heat will start to build across Iberia later this weekend and spread northwards across France early next week as a tropical continental airmass begins to dominate the weather... Temperatures across Iberia and southern France could reach the low 40’s Celsius by midweek with northern France seeing temperatures into the mid to high 30s Celsius."

There's even better news for our readers in London *waves* - you're getting temperatures up to 30. Our national forecasters also state: "It is warmer spell, it is higher than normal. There is a warmer build-up, the UK will have higher temperatures because it is closer to the continent. It’s not as likely to be 30 degrees, around mid-20s and high 20s. We’re in the summer months."

Indeed we are. BRING. IT. Also, bring your sun screen. It's never too often to wheel Baz Lurhmann's beauty out.


With that in mind, what's your preferred method of shielding your skin in the sun?

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