Bringing sexy back? Bacne and other misfortunes


I have to admit the back is an oft neglected part of the body. It's so hard to actually see your back is the problem. And what the eye doesn't see... It's also virtually impossible to reach.

Which is why it can be prone to a bit of the aul bacne. It doesn't get the same care lavished on it as the rest of the body - hell it might never get even washed properly. Backs are covered up most of the time and no air circulates. The pores get blocked up with dead skin and sebum (ugh gross) because they don't get a good scrub as often as they should. And as for regular moisturisation - unless you've got a willing slave to rub it in every morning you can forget it.


Spotty back is something we all suffer from from time to time. It might not be full blown backne - but how many of you will happily swear you have a smooth blemish free back (like yer wan up above with the butterflies)?

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