Bumble and Bumble Hair Powders

bumble and bumble hair powdersWe had a post a couple of days ago about Roux Tween Time, which is a wax crayon you use between dye jobs to cover grey. It sounds like a really good product actually and it got me thinking, were there any other similar things out there?

Well, indeed there are. Bumble and Bumble do a range of hair powders which can be used not only to blend and cover greys, but they'll also create instant fullness, enhance colour, and add grip when pinning up. They also act as a dry shampoo and enable you to get another couple of days out of a blow dry.


You can get the hair powders in 5 shades, so they're suitable for all hair colours. Bumble and Bumble is a salon brand, and the only place I can think of off-hand that sells them is a salon on the corner of Fade St in Dublin - if you know of other stockists, leave us a comment. The ever resourceful Strawberrynet can help us though. They can oblige with the black and red shades in 2 sizes (travel sizes are €19, full sizes are €33), and HQhair can also help us out. They have the full range on offer for €23.50 a pop. I'm assuming from comparing photos on the two sites that the HQHair range is the travel size, so you'd get better value as a red head or a raven haired lass if you bought from Strawberrynet.

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