Rate it: cheap teeth whitening

This is my last post on how-things-are-cheaper-in-places that- are- not- Ireland. For today anyway.

I HATE my two front teeth. With a passion bordering on the obsessive.

They look ... brown to me. I've whitened the rest of my teeth with Whitestrips and similar, but such measures were not up to the two front ones. They might go slightly less brown - let's say beige - but it would never last. One cup of tea later. Bang, they were back to brown. There's damage to the teeth - I won't bore you with the details.

So bear with me here. I entered a dentist in the Canaries during the week to inquire about tooth whitening. Certainly, they said, when would I like to come in? We arranged a date. And how much will that be? €220 they said.



I went for my appointment yesterday. The dentist told me that most of my teeth were too white to whiten. Apart from the two at the front that is. He would have a go at the two front ones but he couldn't guarantee anything. If I wanted to take it further I would need to consider veneers. (Of course I am already considering veneers but he wasn't to know that).

So three zaps over with the laser (or processes as they called it) and I was handed a mirror to see the result.

Muuuuch better. And they only charged me €60 in the heel of the hunt.

Beat that! What have you been charged for your professional tooth whitening?

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