Clinique Kick Starts 2015 with a Brand New Foundation

Clinique has a new base product hitting counters next month and it’s a good ‘un. Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer is, as you might guess from the name, two products in one and gives a full coverage finish.

Suitable for most skin types the formula has dual sphere particles to absorb excess oil and also add hydration so, in theory, it'll adapt to your skin. It’s a similar story with pigment and it does a good job of blurring out both redness and the purply-blue of under eye shadows.


The foundation has a wand applicator built into the lid and the doe-shaped tip (similar to some lip glosses) is designed to target tricky areas like around the nose.

Clinique UK Colour Artist, Florrie White explained how you can use the applicator in different ways - the longer, flatter part over the main planes of your face and the tapered end to build up coverage where you need it.


One dunk of the applicator is enough to do your whole face but I found myself dotting it on and using my fingers to blend (sorry, high tech Clinique applicator research person!) At first glance, it looks and feels like it's going to be very heavy and opaque on skin but it's not at all. The texture is sort of... fondanty and once its applied softens into a lovely natural-looking finish. The press release declares it gives 'full coverage without the weight' and I'd have to agree. It feels great on skin.


It's available in 21 shades - the sample I received is a bit too dark for me, so I haven't given it a proper trial run out in the world, but having tried it out at home a couple of times I’ll definitely take it for a proper test run when I pick up the right shade.

Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer is €32 and hits counters on February 6th.


Does this sounds like a product you would like to try? Could it be the answer to all your prayers? Or are you loyal to one particular product? Let's comment!

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