Cosmetic dentistry and me: teeth whitening stage complete captain

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So I've been telling you about how I'm going to get my smile brightened up with veneers (read about it here if you missed my first installment).

The first step was to whiten my teeth up to the best natural shade possible - because that's the shade the veneers will be.

Every night for about 3 weeks I've been busy whitening.  It's been easy because I did it while I was asleep  -  before bed I dripped a teeny tiny droplet of gel into each little tooth cavity in my teeth mold yoke and off I went to sleep. It fitted snugly and didn't bother me at all. Well, except for the first night when for about half an hour I was sure I was going to choke and felt like I was going to start drooling over the sheets.

Attractive I know.

But I hadn't it in properly. The trick is to push the plastic mold up and back onto your teeth. This gives a good fit and means you don't really notice the mold  at all.


My teeth aren't sensitive (I've had Zoom whitening before with no problems) and sure enough there was no bother with this kit. Darren recommended Sensodyne and I used it faithfully just in case.

In three weeks my teeth actually whitened more than they ever have with any other treatment.  But alas those two front feckers did not budge from beige (as we knew would happen).  An hour in the dentist chair getting the super strength dentist grade whitening gel has meant that I'm ready to go to the next stage -  the temporary veneers.

This is when the fun will commence I'll warrant.  The drilling and sawing (slight exaggeration) and suchlike.  I'll tell you all about it next week.  Wish me luck!

My dentist is Dr Darren Cromey, 01 4506373, Walkinstown Dental Clinic

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