This cream is the perfect combination of coverage and sun protection

While the sun is shining and we're all out enjoying the heat, it's so important to think about sun protection for your skin every single day.

In a nutshell, Bioderma Photoderm Max 50 + gives you excellent protection and it has a tint. This cream is the perfect marriage of essential sun protection and natural looking, everyday coverage.

Sun damage is a major factor in early signs of ageing in our skin. It causes pigmentation or sun spots and wrinkles. Bioderma Photoderm has SPF 50 which filters the sun's harmful rays. To complicate it a little more, it also has the Bioderma patented 'Cellular Bioprotection'. Basically, the bioprotection technology gives internal protection as well as protecting the skin on the outside. It stimulates and increases the skin's natural defences against the sun for added protection during sun exposure.

Bioderma max ultra fluid tinted sun protection

Bioderma Photoderm Max SPF 50+ €14.50

It's a really handy product because you can wear it alone and it gives you lovely light, sheer coverage, the kind of coverage you can get away with in summertime. You could totally use this as your holiday makeup. It's water resistant so would work well for days by the pool when you want to look pretty but effortless.

I've been wearing it every day in sunny Ireland for the past while and it gives enough coverage for a light and natural daytime makeup. I just throw on some mascara with it I've got a 2-minute makeup that makes me presentable. If you do want more coverage, makeup applies well over this so you can use it as a base or a primer for your skin to give you SPF under your usual makeup. Colour-wise, the 'golden' shade would suit a medium skin tone with yellow undertones. However, as it's sheer it would work with a wide range of skin tones, although it could be too dark for very fair skin. It's for all skin types but it's probably more geared towards normal to dry skin. It has a dewy finish and could feel too greasy for a particularly oily skin type.

If you are particularly sensitive to the sun or want to keep away the sun spots this is a great investment for the summer months ahead.

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